Are Suburbs Labeled as ‘Best for Families’ Truly Ideal for Families? – Botanic Ridge

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Recently, the media released a report ranking affordable suburbs as the best for families in Melbourne Vic. However, upon closer analysis, especially from a criminal perspective, it becomes apparent that some affordable suburbs may no longer be considered the best for families.

Today, we will examine the merits of the following 10 suburbs: Botanic Ridge, Burnside Heights, Seabrook, Lynbrook, Lyndhurst, Taylors Hill, Cockatoo, Selb, Diamond Creek, and Sandhurst. These suburbs are situated in close proximity to the border of Greater Melbourne.

Botanic Ridge

Botanic Ridge, nestled in the southeastern region of Victoria, Australia, is a charming suburb situated within the City of Casey, part of the Greater Melbourne metropolitan area. Approximately 45 kilometers southeast of the Melbourne Central Business District, this suburb boasts a population of 6,739 individuals with a median age of 32, notably younger than the overall Victoria median age of 38. Moreover, 28.2% of the population is under 15 years old, signifying a vibrant community with a higher proportion of children compared to the state average.


In terms of education, Botanic Ridge faces a challenge with only two Centre-Based Care facilities offering Kindergarten programs, and just one providing long day care services. This limited availability suggests that some families may need to explore neighboring suburbs for suitable childcare options. For families, especially those with babies or toddlers, the current educational landscape may pose considerations before making Botanic Ridge their home.


When evaluating safety, Botanic Ridge stands out as a secure community, ranking among the top 20% of suburbs in VIC. Examining crime data over the past few years reveals a generally low number of offenses, with fewer crimes against individuals and a notable reduction in drug-related incidents. However, a concerning spike in thefts in 2023, doubling the figures from the previous year, underscores the importance of vigilance among residents in safeguarding their personal belongings.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Despite these considerations, Botanic Ridge offers a family-friendly environment, particularly given its proximity to the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne—an ideal spot for relaxation and recreation. To enhance the appeal of this suburb for families, local authorities could focus on attracting more childcare facilities, thereby solidifying Botanic Ridge as an optimal choice for families seeking a nurturing and secure community

We’ll be examining the Burnside Heights suburb in our Toromor review.

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