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How To Find Best Credit Card?

There is not a single credit card could meet all people's needs or be regarded as the best one among all other cards. There are several key factors help you to choose the suitable cards including minimum repayment, the interest rate for purchases and cash advance, the interest rate for balance transfers and for how long, promotional interest rate, the length of interest-free period and annual and late payment fees.And there are four steps guiding you to find your ideal credit card: check your credit, Identify which type of credit card you want, list your spending habits and credit conditions that help you narrow the options and apply for the card you want.

  • 0% Purchase Credit Card

    This credit card make it possible for you to spend money on credit without paying interest for the length of the promotional period(introductory offer or period). After the introductory period, the card will revert to the standard credit card interest rate. 0% purchase credit card would be an ideal option for making larger one-off purchases during the introductory offer, because it saves money for you on interest.

  • Balance Transfer Credit Card

    This credit card can consoildate your payments from multiple balances to make a single monthly payment with lower rate and paying down balances from other credits, like auto loans or student loans.

  • Business Credit Card

    This card has higher have credit limits that can make it easier to use less of your available credit and improve your standing. Many business credit cards also provide bonus rewards on phone bills, Wi-Fi or office supplies. This card is available for businesses of all sizes, including sole proprietorship and they do not show up on individual credit reports or affect an individual's credit scores.

  • Cash Advance Credit Card

    This card allows you to get a short-term cash loan at bank, ATM or at the checkout of the supermarket. Usually, there is a cash advance fee which may be a flat fee or a percentage fee based on the amount of cash was withdrawn. From the time you make the withdrawal, the interest is charged on cash advance and the interest rate is much higher than purchases rate

  • Cash Back Credit Card

    This card make it easier to get 'money' back from daily spending you put on your credit card the 'money' come back via various methods that bonus category, tiered rewards and flat percentage cash back cards. The flat percentage cash back credit card is ideal for the “set it and forget it crowd,” bonus category cards and tiered rewards cards offer more rewards but require more work to maximize cash back in select spending categories.

  • Frequent Flyer Credit Card

    This credit cards are suitable for frequent flyers that you can earn credit card point from your flights. Some frequent flyer credit card programs contain free flights, extra points or no fees on overseas spend, or lounge access.

  • Low Income Credit Card

    This card provides Australians with low annual income an opportunity to enjoy the benefit of using a credit card such as online purchasing and booking, and also the access to extra funds to pay for bills and other daily expense.

  • Low Interest Credit Card

    This card can help you save your money on monthly payments and it is suitable for people(Australian) carry a balance every month. Some low interest credit card come with 0% rate during introductory period and others have a low, ongoing rate. However, low interest credit card have strict requirement on credit rating(good to excellent) for approval.

  • No Annual Fees Credit Card

    This card helps you lower the cost via offering no annual fee for the life of the card or a $0 annual fee for a promotional period. No annual fee credit card can also provide you with a variety of other benefits like balance transfer, rewards or frequent flyer points and other travel benefits.

  • Student Credit Card

    This card includes financial educaton and resources, support from yur issuer with payment options by alerts and reminders and rewards geared towards student. Some student credit cards offer extra rewards for students pay on time or obtain good grades.

  • Rewards Credit Card

    This card offers you points for your daily spending that can be used to redeem for various travel and lifestyle rewards. Depending on your goals, you could enjoy free flights and upgrades your reward credit card to a frequent flyer credit card, or get a retail rewards card at the shop or enjoy the flexibility of travel rewards, merchandise and cashback on your account with a credit card that offers its own rewards program.

  • Credit Card With Complimentary Travel Insurance

    Complimentary travel insurance is a feature available on many credit cards – typically rewards credit cards. The travel insurance policy included on a credit card could offer varying levels of coverage for your domestic travel or international travel or both. It is worth noting that complimentary travel insurance is not really 'free', and this insurance premium is paid for via the card's annual fee. Depending on the quality of the policy, complimentary credit card travel insurance can be used to replace a standalone travel insurance policy. It can help you reduce travel costs overall and save your time.