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How Can I Compare Electricity Plans?

When you are comparing electricity plans, consider the following:
  • Tariffs Type: When you are looking for a electricity plan, you should know your type of tariffs. It could be single rate, time of use, controlled load, or demand.
  • Energy Rates and Pricing: Most power plan price structures contain two parts: a daily charge and a rate per kWh. Usually, a higher daily charge comes with a cheaper rate, or a cheaper daily charge comes with a higher rate.
  • Feed-in Tariff: If you have solar panels on your roof, you should also check the feed-in tariff, which is how much you will get paid when you sell the electricity generated by your solar system back to the grid.
  • Fixed Rate: When checking a power plan, you should see if the rate is fixed for the duration of the contract.
  • Renewable Energy: Some plans allow you to customize the percentage of power from renewable energy, which usually means a higher rate per kWh.
  • Usage Estimates: Use a tool to estimate costs based on your future usage or use past usage data. It will provide you with the best estimate of how much you need to pay after moving to a new plan.
  • Incentives and Promotions: Always check if the electricity provider offers additional bonuses such as bill credits, rewards program points (like Flybuys, Woolworths Rewards, Qantas Points), vouchers (RACV resort vouchers, gift cards), bundle discounts (additional discount when bundled with internet), or more.
By following the above points, you can find the most valuable electricity plan.

Common Electricity FAQ

You may receive different rates during various time periods. Typically, these include peak periods, off-peak periods, and shoulder periods (for some plans). Sometimes, rates may vary between weekdays and weekends, and even between different seasons. The timing of these periods may vary between states. One more thing, when purchasing internet with the same connection type, speed, and internet provider but in different suburbs, you may experience differences. This could be caused by the CVC capacity of the POI (Point of Interconnect). Different suburbs may have different POIs. If more users are using the internet via the same internet provider in the same area, you may get slower speeds than in other areas with fewer users if the CVC capacity is the same. So, if you would like to get faster speeds, you may want to ask your internet provider to purchase more CVC.
You will be charged the same rate throughout the entire day, whether it’s daytime or nighttime.
It’s very simple to switch electricity retailers
  1. Once you find a suitable plan from an electricity retailer, just contact them.
  2. The electricity retailer will request your personal info, such as your driver’s license, to open the account.
  3. The new retailer will send you a welcome pack and confirm your details.
  4. Usually, you don’t need to contact your previous retailer to switch.
  5. Most of the time, you have at least a 10-business day cooling-off period.
  6. The new retailer may request a meter reading before the transfer, and your previous retailer may send you a final bill.
  7. Finally, your transfer will be completed after you receive the confirmation message from the new retailer.
A controlled load is a separate meter for high-energy appliances like underfloor heating or hot water systems, which offers a lower rate during off-peak times.
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