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Optus500 GB$80.00
Catch Connect300 GB$410.00
Lebara Mobile264 GB$420.00
OVO150 GB$89.95
amaysim150 GB$90.00
Southern Phone140 GB$77.00
Jeenee Mobile100 GB$65.00
Yomojo90 GB$89.90
Vodafone90 GB$60.00
Exetel90 GB$79.99
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How To Find The Best Mobile Phone Plan?

To choose the best mobile phone plan, there are some main factors you need to take into consideration, such as the method of payment(postpaid or prepaid), talking time, data and message included and whether the carrier could cover your living, working and traveling areas.

Before make the decision, you should make a budget on how much you plan to spend monthly, clearly understand how many calls and messages and how much data you need and find out an ideal carrier that can cover where you live, work and travel to regularly. Looking at your previous phone bills can help you have a better understanding of your monthly usage. Asking friends and family members about their experience would be helpful for you to find out which carrier provides the best internet service including coverage, speed and quality.

There are four major mobile phone plan providers: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile.

  • Mobile Phone Plans For Kids

    These plans could provide services for parents to better manage their children's use of mobile phones. These services includes blocking adult and inappropriate content, restricting access to social networks, mobile games and mobile apps plus limit app download and in-app purchase, and managing screen time(allowing certain time to use), etc.

  • Business Mobile Phone Plans

    These plans aim at lower your business communication fees that contain generous data and unlimited national calls and no lock-in contract.

  • Month To Month Mobile Phone Plans

    Include prepaid monthly plan that paid at the start of month of usage and monthly postpaid plan that paid at the end of the month of usage.

  • Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans

    Paid at the beginning of the month of usage, this plans normally has some restrictions that no international calls included. Once data contained in plans used out, another data package need purchasing for continuing use.

  • Postpaid Mobile Phone Plans

    Paid at the end of the month of usage. Theses are generally a little more open - so you can enjoy services like international calling and texts or roaming because the carrier will bill you for these additional services after you have used them.

  • Sim Only Mobile Phone Plans

    The plans are generally sold without a new phone handset. The carrier give you a SIM card to put into BYO phone you currently own offering you access to the network and services.

  • Unlimited Mobile Phone Plans

    These plans contain unlimited calls, SMS within the Australia and free from contract. Some expensive plans include unlimited international calls and SMS, the majority only provide unlimited national service. These plans are mainly differentiated by data, media streaming and other bonus inclusions.

  • Data Only Mobile Phone Plans

    These plans have reliable coverage and massive data inclusions for your tablet, modem or laptop with our data SIM only plans. You can now enjoy data free music streaming on selected plans and apps with your tablet or laptop.

  • International Mobile Phone Plans

    These plans have unlimited international SMS and unlimited international calls. The payment type of these plans include both prepaid plans and postpaid plans.