According to Operators’ market share of total mobile phne services in Australia from the financial year 2010 to 2017, the three largest mobile phone service operators in Australia are Vodafone, Optus, Telstra, and they all adopt the WCDMA standard.

Compared To Price, Internet Speed and Quality


Australia’s largest operator, the most expensive, but its signal and network speed is very good, the signal range is the widest.


Have advantage in cheap price, operating in Australia Commercial communication is usually free, and Vodafone’s signal coverage is now close to Telstra, but weak signal in remote areas is a disadvantage of Vodafone.


Between Telstra and Vodafone, and signals in remote areas are stronger than Vodafone,but the signal in the city is worse than Telstra and Vodafone.
There are also some small service providers also have a certain share in the market and have shown an increasing share of the market in recent years. These service providers are MVNOs, Mobile Virtual Network Operators. They purchased mobile networks from one of the “Big Three” and added more valuable services. Virtual operators have the advantage that the tariffs are cheap. But they also have some shortcomings: most of them except VIRGIN have no physical stores, all online operations + phone + mail. It is more troublesome to make up the card. In addition, some operators 3G / 4G network tariffs are not the same, it would be better to confirm the official website.

These Mobile Virtual Network Operators Including

Telstra Network

Vodafone Network

Optus Network

Australian operators also offer contract machine purchases, where consumers buy mobile phones directly from operators and have a certain Plan. At present, both physical stores and online can sign up for purchase. The advantage of the contract machine is that the package is more cost-effective, and the cost of the mobile phone is relatively low. The disadvantage is that the binding is less than one year, and the other is three years, and the breach of contract is subject to liquidated damages.

What to prepare when handling business

Both Australian telecommunications companies and virtual operators can transfer their numbers to the Internet and operate on the Internet. If they are fast, they can be successful for a few dozen minutes.


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