Too Expensive to Afford! 30,000 Australians Cancel NBN Broadband

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In the latest NBN Progress Report, the revelation of over 30,000 users opting out signifies a notable downturn, casting a spotlight on the economic challenges consumers face in securing access to this crucial internet service. The fourth quarter of 2023 witnessed over half of users terminating their subscriptions to the National Broadband Network, a trend triggered by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission’s (ACCC) approval of the government’s NBN price hike. As a consequence, customers brace themselves for yet another potential increase slated for July 2024.

Aussie Broadband, a key retail provider, led the charge by announcing a tariff hike, thrusting the lowest-tier package into a monthly fee increase of 6 Australian dollars—surpassing the 10% threshold. This translates to households, particularly those facing financial hardship, needing to allocate an additional 72 Australian dollars annually for their internet services. Other major providers, such as Telstra, also implemented a $5/month increase for their lower-speed tier NBN plans, while Exetel adopted a more moderate increase of $4.00/month, falling below the surge rate of the NBN wholesale price.

Despite a significant exodus from existing residential customers, the overall number of NBN users saw a net increase of over 40,000 households. This surge was fueled by the addition of new residential constructions and projects, numbering more than 90,000.

Weighing Options Amid Price Surge

To absorb the impact of the NBN price increase, users might consider switching to lower-speed tiers. However, this comes with potential sacrifices to lifestyle and business activities, affecting experiences such as playing multiple games, live streaming, and online meetings. Recognizing that this may not be the optimal solution, another approach involves exploring alternative Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering promotional deals or cashback incentives. This strategic move may help offset the increased price rates or even result in a more cost-effective solution for users navigating the evolving landscape of broadband services.

The Current Deal of NBN50

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Free Modem/Router
4G/5G Backup
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