List of Cities / Suburbs by State in Australia

With Six states and two internal territories spread over more than 7.7 million square kilometers, Canada has a vast territory. This is also the case when it comes to internet and Mobile providers the number of which is considerable and the choice can be complex, to find the best plan. Meanwhile its hard to find crime rate for a speicifc suburb from any cities.

On the other hand, many Australian, living in rural areas, feel that there are no option for the internet and mobile phone plan and even hard to find how safe or dangrous is of current living area.

At FindMyRates we help you find all the Internet and mobile plans specific to your location and even the crime rate as well.

This list of cities by state & territory in Australia will help you learn more about the home internet, Mobile Plan offers and crime rate in your area. From the cheapest plans to the fastest plans we compare for you all the offers available in your area or check how safe or dangeous of the location you are moving in the furture .

New South Wales


Australian Capital Territory

South Australia

Western Australia


Northern Territory


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