Under $10 Cheap Mobile Plans In Australia 2024

Plan under $10 Summary
Cheapest Plan under $10Kogan Mobile$5.00
Biggest Data plan under $10ALDI mobile100GB - $5.00
Cheapest Telstra network Plan under $10Lycamobile$9.00
Cheapest Optus network Plan under $10Coles Mobile$10.00
Cheapest Vodafone network Plan under $10Kogan Mobile$5.00

We've uncovered 22 under $10 Plans from 15 providers. Among these, The the most budget-friendly under $10 is $5.00 Per Month from Kogan Mobile. If ample data at a low cost is your priority, ALDI mobile provides a plan at $5.00 Per Year with 100GB data If you're a heavy data user in search of a monthly plan, felix offers $10.00 Per 28 Days with 25GB data.

What is the best Cheap Plan with Deal under $10

Lycamobile's introductory offer provides $7 for the first 28 days, inclusive of unlimited Australian minutes and texts. Moreover, new activations may qualify for a bonus data allocation of 10GB.

Lycamobile Unlimited 15

Unlimited Talk & Text

8 GB data

$15.00 / 28 Days



A list of Cheap Plan under $10

 -  $ 
Unlimited talk&text
Unlimited Data
SIM Pack
Monthly Payment
Short Expiry
Long Expiry
Promo Only
Company Data Price Talk&Text Highlights

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  1. Anonymous

    Why do you always quote a initial price then the real price which is much more, wastes our time.

    • Anonymous

      You just need to click the “Cheapest w/o discount” button to arrange the items based on their original prices from the lowest to the highest.

  2. Anonymous

    aus post does not have a $9 plan

    • Findmyrates.com.au

      The promotion has ended, and the price has reverted to the standard rate of $20 for 30 days.

  3. Bibi

    Which $10 plan with the vodafone network?

    • Findmyrates.com.au

      Hello Mobile uses the Vodafone network. They offer a $10 PAYG 1GB Plan.

    • Findmyrates.com.au

      CMobile is running a promotion, $7.90/mth for the first six mths with 1GB and unlimited calls and txt.

  4. Anonymous

    Which plan offers the most amount of data under $10/mth

    • Findmyrates.com.au

      All plans included 1GB or less data (without promo) under $10/mth. However, Catch Connect offers 4GB of data with just $10/mth.

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t need any data! just talk & txt. Which one is the cheapest?

    • Findmyrates.com.au

      Freemium Plans are currently closed to new applicants.


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Intro Offer!

$1.00/mth first 3 mths
then $20.00 – $45.00/mth
  • *10GB – 120GB
  • *4G/5G Network
  • *Unlimited Talk & Text
  • *Save upto $132.00

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