Which Mobile Providers on the Vodafone Network

Vodafone is the world’s largest telecommunications company, entering Australia nearly 30 years ago. Vodafone operates 3G and 4G networks and covers 96% of the Australian metropolitan population. Since mid-2020, Vodafone launched a 5G network available in selected areas in 1000 suburbs across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Gold Coast, Central Coast, Wollongong, and the Sunshine Coast.

Vodafone is one of three network providers in Australia. They own cellular infrastructure to provide connectivity and lease their network to other small companies as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). Typically MVNOs offer cheaper mobile plans.

Cheapest SIM Only Mobile Plans on the Vodafone Network

Lebara Mobile Starter Pack




Lebara Mobile Extra Small 5-Day Prepaid Mobile Plan

Unlimited Talk & Text

3 GB data

$5.00 / 5 Days

After trial, purchase a 30 day or long term plan for ongoing use.

Cmobile Red GPS Tracking Mobile Plan

$5 Included Value


$5.00 / mth

Cmobile 1GB Red Unlimited Mobile Plan

Unlimited Talk & Text

1 GB data

$7.90 / mth

$7.90/mth for first 6 mths and then $9.90/mth

Reward Mobile Connect $9 Plan + Handset Combo

$40 Included Value

50 MB data

$9.00 / mth

+ $35 handset

Reward Mobile 500MB Mobile Data Plan


500 MB data

$9.90 / mth

TPG T4G Small Month To Month SIM Only Mobile Plan

Unlimited Talk & Text

12 GB data

$10.00 / mth

$10/mth for 6 mths and then $20/mth

iiNet Small SIM Only Mobile Plan


8 GB data

$10.00 / mth

$10/mth for first 6 mths and then $19.99/mth

Cmobile 2GB Red Data Only Mobile Plan


2 GB data

$10.00 / mth

Kogan Mobile Small Prepaid SIM Only Mobile Plan

Unlimited Talk & Text

10 GB data

$10.00 / mth

$5 off for the first mth

Cheapest Mobile Providers on the Vodafone Network

When you pick a prepaid / sim-only mobile plan, Vodafone has plenty of decently-priced options from various MVNOs. To get the best deal for your needs, use our mobile plan search form to find out the plans on the Vodafone network – from low cost to unlimited mobile data.






Network Operators

Network Type

Mobile Providers (MVNOs) on the Vodafone Network

Here is the list of the mobile providers on the Vodafone network in Australia:


from $20.0016 mobile plans

Lebara Mobile

from $2.0018 mobile plans


from $12.503 mobile plans

Reward Mobile

from $9.0010 mobile plans

Kogan Mobile

from $10.007 mobile plans


from $5.009 mobile plans


from $10.004 mobile plans


from $10.004 mobile plans

Think Mobile

from $12.0011 mobile plans

felix Mobile

Felix Mobile is a new budget mobile service brand from TPG Telecom and launched at the end of 2020. It uses the Vodafone 4G/3G network. It only has one plan with unlimited standard national talk and text plus data at a max speed 20Mbps!

Felix is the first telco brand powered by 100% renewable electricity in Australia and donates one tree per month per customer who stays with them through One Tree Planted and up to 1,000,000 trees.

Lebara Mobile

Lebara was founded in the UK in 2001 and launched in Australia in 2009. In 2016, Vodafone purchased Australia Lebara. Lebara offers 30 days pre-paid SIM plans, data-only plans, and long-term 180/60 days plans from $5.00 / 5 days to $300 / year. Lebara offers various mobile plans for different target groups. If you call oversea frequently, Lebara offers mobile plans with unlimited international talk & text for $24.90 / 30 days. If you are looking for big data, Lebara has 30 days pre-paid plan, which includes 100GB of data.

View More Lebara Mobile Plans

Kogan Mobile

Founded in 2006, Kogan.com is an Australian portfolio of retail and services businesses. In 2015, they took the telco industry when they partnered with TPG to re-launch their pre-paid mobile plan brand – Kogan Mobile! With both monthly and long-term options available at unbeatable prices. It’s another choice for customers looking for cheaper pre-paid mobile plans!

View More Kogan Mobile Plans

Reward Mobile

Reward Mobile is owned by Pivotel group, which resells Telstra and Vodafone mobile services. Reward Mobile offers Ultimate Plans, Connect Plans, and mobile data plans. The price starts from $9.00/mth to $64.95/mth. If you purchase Connect $19 Plan and stay for 24 months, you will get free mobile – Konka F21 or free TCL 305 with 24 mths Connect $19 Plan or Samsung Galaxy A13 with Connect $39 Plan.

View More Reward Mobile Plans


CMobile is a 100% Australian-owned mobile service provider and offering plans with either Vodafone or Telstra networks since 2012. CMobile’s Vodafone plans included $50/year and $ 5/month. These plans are suited for Machine to Machine, GPS Tracking devices, and Kids’ Smartwatches. CMobile also offers unlimited calls & TXT & MMS Vodafone plans from $9.90 to $29.90/mth. Those plans are including unlimited International TXT.

View More CMobile Plans

Hello Mobile

“Hello Mobile” is the core product line from TPC Consolidated Limited (previously Tel. Pacific Limited), which is a 100% Australian own company listed on ASX. Unlike other Mobile Service providers, it only offers a few affordable plans. You don’t need to take time to compare them one by one. Just pick an affordable plan based on your needs, whether for long expiry, unlimited talk & text, free international calls, or a PAYG plan.

View More Hello Mobile Plans

TPG Mobile

TPG is part of ASX-listed company TPG Telecom Limited which is the merger of TPG and Vodafone Hutchison Australia in 2020. TPG offers SIM-only Mobile plans, NBN, Home Wireless, 5G Home Broadband and Fibre to retail customers. TPG’s $20/mth mobile plan includes unlimited calls & TXT with 12G data covering most of the customer’s needs. If you are looking for international calls, the TPG’s $5/mth International Call Pack allows you to call (Landline and Mobile Numbers ) 37 Countries without limits.

View More TPG Mobile Plans

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