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There are 9 broadband plans from Tangerine Telecom available in Australia and the cost range from $29.90/mth and to $104.90/mth. You can connect to the Internet with Tangerine Telecom via Mobile Broadband, nbn in Australia.

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Best Tangerine Telecom Internet Plans, Deals & Reviews

Tangerine Telecom is one of Australia’s most successful smaller NBN providers-privately owned, yet supported by Vocus Infrastructure. Tangerine’s key points of difference are it’s 14-day risk free trial, unparalleled service and support, and industry leading online sign-up technology. Tangerine is able to offer the most competitive prices due to Andrew and Richard’s extensive experience and expertise working with NBN margins and technology.

The Best NBN Broadband Plans From Tangerine Telecom

Tangerine Telecom Value nbn25 Plan Unlimited 25/10 Mbps $49.90 $64.90
Tangerine Telecom Value Plus nbn50 Plan Unlimited 50/20 Mbps $59.90 $79.90
Tangerine Telecom Fixed Wireless Plus Plan Unlimited 75/10 Mbps $59.90 $79.90
Tangerine Telecom Speedy nbn100 Plan Unlimited 100/20 Mbps $64.90 $84.90
Tangerine Telecom Super Speedy nbn250 Plan Unlimited 250/25 Mbps $84.90 $104.90
Tangerine Telecom Ultrafast Speed Plan Unlimited 1000/50 Mbps $104.90 $124.90

The Best NBN Alternatives Internet Plans From Tangerine Telecom


Tangerine Telecom Broadband Connections Available in Australia


Connection TypeNo of PlansLowest PriceHighest Price
Mobile Broadband3$29.90/mth$59.90/mth

How To Contact Tangerine Telecom Broadband


Site Urlhttps://www.tangerinetelecom.com.au/
Contact Urlhttps://www.tangerinetelecom.com.au/contact
Phone1800 211 112

Tangerine Telecom Broadband nbn Typical Evening Speeds


Standard evening speed (25NBN)25 Mbps
Standard plus evening speed (50NBN)50 Mbps
Premium evening speed (100NBN)95 Mbps
Superfast evening speed (250NBN)205 Mbps

Best Deals & Special Offers from Tangerine Telecom

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Tangerine Telecom Reviews

Rated 4.0 out of 5
January 21, 2024

Fantastic customer service assistance


We reported our concern through Tangerine Telecom’s online chat, and to our satisfaction, the issue was swiftly resolved, within the hour.

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