Are Suburbs Labeled as ‘Best for Families’ Truly Ideal for Families? – Seabrook

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Recently, the media released a report ranking affordable suburbs as the best for families in Melbourne Vic. However, upon closer analysis, especially from a criminal perspective, it becomes apparent that some affordable suburbs may no longer be considered the best for families.

Today, we are exploring Seabrook, one of the ten suburbs including Botanic Ridge, Burnside Heights, Lynbrook, Lyndhurst, Taylors Hill, Cockatoo, Selb, Diamond Creek, and Sandhurst.


Seabrook, situated approximately 20 km southwest of Melbourne’s Central Business District in Victoria, Australia, is a suburb within the City of Hobsons Bay local government area. With a population of 4,952 (Year 2021) individuals, the median age in this suburb is 37, just shy of the overall Victoria median age of 38. Only 21.1% of the population is under 15 years old. Seabrook is culturally diverse, with 42.4% of the population born overseas (9.4% from India), and 67.4% of residents having at least one parent born abroad.


It’s unfortunate news for parents in Seabrook, as there are only two services available, and neither of them offers long day care. One is an Outside School Hours Care, and the other is a sessional kindergarten catering to 3 or 4-year-olds. Parents with children ineligible for sessional kindergarten must seek services outside their suburb. Additionally, those with children attending Seabrook Kindergarten have the challenge of coordinating their schedules to accommodate the lack of an integrated kindergarten program, posing a significant challenge for parents with jobs.


When assessing safety, Seabrook emerges as a reasonably secure community, ranking in the top 34% of suburbs in VIC. Analyzing crime data from recent years indicates a consistent overall number of offenses, with a decrease in crimes against individuals. However, a noteworthy increase in thefts and deception in 2023, doubling the figures from the previous year, emphasizes the necessity for residents to remain vigilant in safeguarding their personal belongings. Another offense that warrants attention is “drug use and possession,” which has tripled from the previous year, although the overall number remains relatively low.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Notwithstanding these factors, Seabrook provides a family-friendly atmosphere, especially near Bruce Comben Reserve and Skeleton Creek. This enables families to leisurely explore the natural surroundings with their children. To further enhance the suburb’s appeal to families, local authorities could concentrate on attracting additional childcare facilities and take proactive measures to decrease Property & Deception offenses. This would contribute to establishing Seabrook as an ideal option for families in search of a nurturing and secure community.

We’ll be examining the Lynbrook suburb in our Toromorw review.

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