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Best Dodo Internet Plans, Deals & Reviews

The Best NBN Broadband Plans From Dodo

Dodo nbn15 Broadband Plan Unlimited 15/5 Mbps $55.00
Dodo nbn25 Broadband Plan Unlimited 25/5 Mbps $60.00 $65.00
Dodo Unlimited nbn50 Broadband Plan Unlimited 50/20 Mbps $75.00 $80.00
Dodo Unlimited nbn100 Broadband Plan Unlimited 100/20 Mbps $75.00 $85.00
Dodo Unlimited nbn Home Superfast Broadband Plan Unlimited 250/25 Mbps $100.00 $110.00

The Best NBN Alternatives Internet Plans From Dodo


Dodo Broadband Connections Available in Australia


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How To Contact Dodo Broadband


Site Urlhttps://www.dodo.com/
Contact Urlhttps://www.dodo.com/contact-us
Phone13 36 36

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Dodo Reviews

March 10, 2024

Shockingly poor


Shockingly poor they say up to 100mps I got wait for it…………ONEMbps on 9/3/24 its barely connected to the internet speed. Dial-up would look fast compared to this shocker. DONT go near dodo. the sooner they go the way of the dodo the better IMHO. How they get good ratings is beyond comprehension. they must have a team that does only good reviews of them to boost their ratings. Im gonna get out of the plan as fast as possible. DONT let mum pick your isp

January 21, 2024

Functions Very Effectively


The service from Dodo has been exceptional, with no issues encountered. I am highly pleased with the speed they provide

October 23, 2021

Very disappointed with Dodo


Very disappointed with Dodo! During the lockdown, my kids are learning from home and my husband and I are working from home. The constant loss of connection has really caused serious inconvenience to the whole family. They suggested resetting the modem, but it was still disconnected. And they said they would send me a new modem but it might take 5-7 days which mean there would be 5-7 days no internet. Absolutely nightmare!

November 7, 2020

Everything works very well


Everything works very well, and the only one time we had a problem with the connection and finally found out it was a fault in the electricity connection. I am happy with Dodo and their service.

September 29, 2020

Great service


Great service! Haven’t met any issue with network. Set up and customer service was easy and well explained.


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