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Best Optus Internet Plans, Deals & Reviews

The Best NBN Broadband Plans From Optus

Optus nbn25 Broadband Plan Unlimited 25/10 Mbps $70.00
Optus nbn50 Broadband Plan Unlimited 50/20 Mbps $85.00
Optus nbn100 Broadband Plan Unlimited 100/20 Mbps $89.00 $99.00
Optus nbn250 Broadband Plan Unlimited 250/25 Mbps $99.00 $119.00
Optus nbn1000 Broadband Plan Unlimited 1000/50 Mbps $129.00 $149.00

The Best NBN Alternatives Internet Plans From Optus

Optus Plus Everyday 5G Home Internet  Unlimited 50/11 Mbps $0.00 $69.00
Optus Plus Everyday Fast 5G Home Internet Unlimited 100/15 Mbps $0.00 $79.00
Optus Plus Entertainer Superfast 5G Home Internet Unlimited 500/20 Mbps $0.00 $99.00
Optus Plus Everyday Basic 4G Home Internet Unlimited 25/5 Mbps $0.00 $59.00

Optus Broadband Connections Available in Australia


Connection TypeNo of PlansLowest PriceHighest Price
Mobile Broadband1$20.00/mth$20.00/mth

How To Contact Optus Broadband


Site Urlhttps://www.optus.com.au/
Contact Urlhttps://www.optus.com.au/for-you/support/answer?id=1371
Phone13 39 37

Best Deals & Special Offers from Optus

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Optus Reviews

February 10, 2024



I experience frequent dropouts with my NBN FTTN connection. Unfortunately, customer service has not provided helpful advice. I suspect the issue may be related to the copper infrastructure, and need a technician to investigate, no action has been taken.

January 20, 2024

Unreliable 5G Internet


Worst 5G experience ever. Despite claiming 100 Mbps, it’s incredibly laggy, dropping to zero frequently. Constant connecting and disconnecting make it nearly unusable. Stay away for a smoother internet experience.

January 17, 2024

A Disappointing Experience


Optus broadband disappoints with consistently slow speeds and frequent downtime. Dealing with their customer service for issue resolution is a frustrating ordeal, and their failure to show up for scheduled appointments adds to the dissatisfaction.

April 13, 2022

More and more frequently drops out


Have been with Optus for 5 years, but recently, I consider to move to another service provider. The customer service has just been worse and worse. More and more frequently drops out and lose connection. So disappointed with Optus.


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