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NBN outage? What should I do when Internet’s down

Last updated Sep 5, 2020 | Published on Sep 4, 2020

Experiencing an nbn outage can be frustrating and be inconvenient when you are at work. Sometimes the problem is in your home, sometimes the problem is from the nbn network. To solve this kind of situation and prevent the same problem in the future, you can follow the following steps.

1. Check if there’s an outage in your area

Most of time, the problem is from the NBN network itself, like planned maintenance or unforeseen incidents. You can call your internet provider’s customer support teams or check with your internet provider’s outage info page via backup broadband e.g . Mobile internet Here is a short list of network outage pages for popular internet provider:


Also, you can check with internet provider’s Twitter or Facebook page for more information or third party like Downdetector which is a online service that shows if your network is down or your favorite social media site is offline. If you are experiencing an NBN outage, you only can do is to wait until the NBN outage was fixed

2. Check your devices

If you have confirmed there is not an NBN outage, then mostly the problem is from your devices.
  • Devices use to connect to internet: Try to use different devices to connect to the internet and see if the issue is from one of them. For example, if your iPad can not access the internet via NBN but your laptop can, the problem mostly is from the iPad.
  • Restart your modem and router: Most of the time, turn your modem or router off and on again later will fix the issue miraculously. The possible reason is sometimes your modem loses sync with your internet provider and will re-establish a new connection after restarting.

3. Call your internet provider’s tech support

If you have confirmed its not an NBN outage and the problem is not from either of the devices or router/modem, you better contact your internet provider’s tech support team. It can be a result of other worse problems like overload the network by too many people online at once; the water enters the underground cable traps.

Here is the list of tech support numbers for popular providers:

4. Get 4G backup for your NBN plan

If your internet goes down, there are several ways you can keep connected with the internet to finish works.
  • 4G backup: Some internet providers offer modems with unlimited 4G mobile broadband services include Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone.
  • Mobile broadband: Some mobile provider offers large data only sim card with low fee.

5. Compensation

if your internet outages last long enough or regularly experiencing outages, you may be able to claim for costs like using extra mobile broadband data. You can get more info from Australian Communications Consumer Action Network’s page
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