Upcoming Changes to NBN Wholesale Prices Effective December 1, 2023

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NBN Unveils Revised Wholesale Pricing Effective December 1, 2023. The majority of speed tiers will see reduced prices, with the exception of the 50/20 Mbps tier, which will increase from $45 to $50. Nonetheless, as per the ACCC NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report for the June 2023 quarter, this adjustment affects approximately 3.8 million services, potentially resulting in increased costs for users just before Christmas.
ProductNew wholesale PriceOld Wholesale Price
12/1 Mbps Basic Bundle$12$22
25/5 Mbps$26$37
50/20 Mbps$50$45
100/20 Mbps$55$58
250/25 Mbps$60$68
1000/50 Mbps$70$80

While NBN Co has lowered the wholesale prices for most NBN tiers, it doesn’t necessarily imply that retail prices will follow the same ratio of increase or decrease.

Telstra adjusts the pricing of their NBN plans

Starting November 1, 2023, Telstra will implement a $5 increase for Basic and Essential plans, including wireless options, while there will be no change in pricing for the Premium plan. The positive news is that the Ultimate plan may see a reduction of $5 per month. If you are affected by these price adjustments on your Telstra NBN plan and find it challenging to manage the increased monthly cost, you can utilize our feature to discover alternative plans with the same NBN speed or even faster, and at a more affordable rate. The Most Affordable NBN25 Plans, The Most Affordable NBN50 Plans
SpeedNew PriceOld PriceDifference
nbn 25/10$85$80 $5
nbn 50/20$100$95 $5
nbn 75/10 (WIRELESS PLUS)$100$95 $5
nbn 100/20$110$110
nbn 250/25$135$140 $5

Aussie Broadband Unveils a new NBN Pricing Structure

Following ACCC’s approval of NBN Co’s revised wholesale pricing, Aussie Broadband introduces an updated NBN price structure. This entails an increase in the rates for entry-level speed tiers, including NBN 12/1, NBN 25/10, and NBN 50/20, while reducing the fees for high-speed tiers like NBN 100/20, NBN 100/40, NBN 250/25, and NBN 1000/50.
SpeedNew PriceOld PriceDifference
nbn 12/1$65$59 $6
nbn 25/10$75$69 $6
nbn 50/20$85$79 $6
nbn 75/10 (WIRELESS PLUS)$85$79 $6
nbn 75/20$89$89
nbn 100/20$95$99 $4
nbn 100/40$105$109 $4
nbn 250/25$119$129 $10
nbn 1000/50$129$149 $20
Clearly, the beneficiaries are users opting for the highest-speed NBN 1000/50 tier, as they will enjoy a $20 per month reduction, enabling them to obtain faster internet at the cost of the previous NBN 250/25 tier. Conversely, the ones at a disadvantage are those who use lower-speed connections, as they may encounter additional charges before the Christmas holiday.

Foxtel raises the price of their broadband plan

Starting on October 10, 2023, Foxtel updated the broadband pricing for both new and current customers. The 50Mb Plus speed tier now be priced at $85 per month, up from the previous rate of $75, and the 100Mb Premium speed tier be offered at $100 per month, compared to the previous price of $95. This is unfortunate news just before Christmas Day.
SpeedNew PriceOld PriceDifference
nbn 50/20$85$75 $10
nbn 100/20$100$95 $5

Spintel update the price of their nbn plan

Spintel has just updated their NBN pricing, with changes across various speed tiers. The 25/10 NBN plan now costs $54.95 per month, reflecting a $5/month increase. The 50/20 plan sees a $10/month hike, now priced at $64.95. Meanwhile, the NBN 100 speed tier remains unchanged. On the other hand, the NBN 250 has been discounted by $10/month, bringing it down to $85.95/month.
SpeedNew PriceOld PriceDifference
nbn 25/10$54.95$49.95 $5
nbn 50/20$74.95$64.95 $10
nbn 100/20$79.95$79.95
nbn 250/40$85.95$95.95 $10
When looking at the updated NBN wholesale prices, it appears that Spintel hasn’t extended the discount to customers on the NBN 100 plan. In fact, they’ve raised charges for both NBN 25 and NBN 50 plans. However, there’s positive news for those interested in the NBN 250, as Spintel has implemented a $10/month reduction for this particular speed tier.

Launtel has lowered the prices of the majority of their NBN plans

Following the approval of the NBN agreement by the ACCC, Launtel has adjusted the pricing of their NBN plans. Additionally, they have discontinued NBN plans with speeds lower than NBN100 for new customers, except for Fixed Wireless PLUS. Existing NBN plans have seen a reduction in price of up to $2 per day or keep the exact price of the plan.
SpeedNew PriceOld PriceDifference
nbn 75/10$3.10/day$3.40/day $0.30
nbn 100/20$3.10/day$3.50/day $0.40
nbn 100/40$3.50/day$4.00/day $0.50
nbn 250/25$3.90/day$4.00/day $0.10
nbn 400/50$4.10/day$4.10/day
nbn 1000/50$4.20/day$4.60/day $0.40
nbn 250/100$5.30/day$5.50/day $0.20
nbn 500/200$7.50/day$9.50/day $2.00
nbn 1000/400$10.00/day$12.00/day $2.00

Tangerine revised their NBN plan pricing structure

At the end of October, Tangerine overhauled their entire NBN pricing structure. They raised the monthly cost by $10 for low-speed tier NBN plans and lowered it by up to $5 for high-speed tier NBN plans.
SpeedNew PriceOld PriceDifference
nbn 25/10$64.90$59.90 $5.00
nbn 50/20$79.90$69.90 $10.00
nbn 100/20$84.90$89.90 $5.00
nbn 250/25$104.90$109.90 $5.00
nbn 1000/50$124.90$129.90 $5.00

Flip raised the prices of certain NBN plans

Flip raised the monthly cost by $5 for NBN12 and NBN50 plans, while maintaining the current prices for other plans.
SpeedNew PriceOld PriceDifference
nbn 12/1$48.90$44.90 $5.00
nbn 50/20$69.90$64.90 $5.00

Goodtel has refreshed its NBN offerings

Similar to many other internet service providers, Goodtel raised the prices of low-speed plans and lowered the costs of high-speed plans.
SpeedNew PriceOld PriceDifference
nbn 25/10$73$68 $5.00
nbn 50/20$86$78 $8.00
nbn 100/20$96$98 $2.00
nbn 250/25$119$128 $9.00

Price Revision for NBN Plans by More Telecom

More Telecom is another provider that adjusted its NBN prices following changes announced by the NBN, which altered the wholesale prices of their plans.
SpeedNew PriceOld PriceDifference
nbn 25/10$72$66 $6.00
nbn 50/20$88$77 $11.00
nbn 100/20$94$99 $5.00
nbn 100/40$99$109 $10.00
nbn 250/25$115$119 $4.00
nbn 1000/50$135$144 $9.00

Swoop increased the price but introduced a higher discount

Swoop recently implemented a price increase for their home fixed wireless services; however, they are now providing additional discounts for new customers. Meanwhile, they are keeping the pricing unchanged for their NBN plans.
SpeedNew PriceOld PriceDifference
70/20$89$79 $10.00
120/20$109$99 $10.00
250/100$129$119 $10.00
500/200$149$139 $10.00

Exetel NBN50 Price Experiences an Increase

Exetel Raises Monthly Fee for NBN50, Modifies Introductory Discount for the First 6 Months, and Maintains Monthly Fees for Other Plans.
SpeedNew PriceOld PriceDifference
nbn50$78.99$74.99 $4.00

Dodo has raised the cost of NBN50 while concurrently decreasing the promotional discount.

Dodo has increased the monthly fee for NBN50 and adjusted the introductory discount for the initial 6 months. While Dodo has kept the monthly fees unchanged for other plans, it has also reduced the corresponding discounts.
SpeedNew PriceOld PriceDifference
nbn50$80.00$75.00 $5.00

Discovering more affordable plans

For these users, it doesn’t imply they lack options. According to our data, there are other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that provide lower prices for the same speed, like Exetel. You can explore more choices through the following: The Most Affordable NBN25 Plans, The Most Affordable NBN50 Plans

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